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Thursday, August 18, 2022

You Want to Help in the Fight Against AHS? Here’s How You Can

The Equine Health Fund’s (EHF) main purpose is to raise much needed funding to support the fight against African horse sickness and other equine diseases. If you read the Prospectus contained in the EHF website,, you will see what a huge undertaking this will be.

There have been several requests from horse lovers wishing to contribute to this fight, and we are happy to provide you with two options :

1. Payment made directly to the Equine Health Fund. To do this, donors should complete the attached Donation Form, and e-mail proof of payment, together with the completed form to, and this will ensure that the funds go to the rightful project. We recommend that any donation under R1000 be paid this way. Click here to download Donations Form.

2. Should you wish to make a larger donation (>R1 000), for which you require a Section 18A Tax Exemption Certificate, this will need to be done to the Equine Research Centre via the University of Pretoria. To make a donation, please send your details : Full Name, ID No., Postal Address (in the case of a company making the donation, also give the company name) to Nora-Jean (NJ) Freeman will then forward your details to the relevant department at the University of Pretoria. Shortly thereafter you will receive a letter from UP giving you a Donor Number and a Reference Number which you need to use when making the payment. This will make sure that the funds are allocated to the Equine Research Centre. You will receive a Section 18A certificate soon thereafter.

Should you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact N-J Freeman.