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Thursday, August 18, 2022

SA Horse Movement Controls

Please see below e-mail and attachments with regard to horse movement controls.




Dear Colleagues


As of the 1st July 2015 movement of horses from the infected zone into the AHS Controlled Area will revert to the normal process according to the notice sent distributed by SV Boland in December 2014 (See attached). As a reminder to all I also attach the current AHS Movement Control Protocol.


Please also find attached our new prenotification form (Word Document) that MUST be filled in and sent through to and copy in PRIOR to movement of any horse into the Controlled Area, or across zones within the Controlled Area. If you cannot email the form and need to fax please use the fax number 086 558 9818.


Please take note of the following points on this prenote:


1. the destination and origin holdings are very important, as we often have to use this form in order to follow up on horses that have moved after an outbreak has been reported


2. The contact details at destination are of equal importance for the same reason


3. Please make sure you are aware of what passports are acceptable for movement purposes, for example the old Studbook passports without the proper horse ID picture and description are not acceptable., and in the case of passports from other countries that do not have AHS vaccination and movement control pages in them, please ensure that you contact either SVBoland or Dr Weyer ( to ensure that all the correct documentation accompanies the horse.


4. Please note the addition of the paragraph stating which state vet you as the vet have been in contact with to ensure that there have been no AHS cases within the last 30 days in a 40km radius


Please remember that for this pre-note and for the Health certificate that you are signing in the passport, it is your name that you are signing and, therefore your responsibility to ensure that the details in the passport are correct. DO NOT sign a health certificate of a passport that has no details in it. Especially one that does not have the identification page filled in. DO NOT sign a Health Certificate for a horse that you are not sure where it comes from (eg in your parking lot, in the horse box, for someone who is not your bonafide client).


Please remember that all horses moving into the Controlled Area from the infected zone need to have a health certificate 48hrs prior to movement, a movement permit from the state vet of origin which is valid for 14 days, and then the prenote must be completed and sent in as described above.


For movements within the Controlled Area, across zones must have a health certificate 48hrs prior to movement and the pre-note sent as described above. 


Please note that the Health Certificate should be IN the passport except for exceptional cases which have been arranged with SVBoland or Dr Weyer.


Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for queries or contact Danielle Pienaar ( for help with movement organisation and contact details for different areas.



Dr Camilla Weyer 


DAFF authorised Veterinarian (Ref: 1/2/1/7/1)

State Vet Boland authorised Veterinarian

(Movement Control and Equine Disease Surveillance)

and Research Officer

Equine Research Centre

Cape Town


AHS Movement Control Policy Dec 2014 (signed)
AHS Movement control temporary amendments Dec 2014 (signed)